Welcome and thank you for visiting. I am a Burlington, North Carolina based photojournalist/artist located in the heart of the state. Portraiture centered around the intersection of reality and dreams is my interest. 

Over the years, I have photographed the changes in perception of image in popular culture. Watching the evolution of photography shape who we are as a collective has been as interesting as it has been fulfilling. The changes in image making in part have fueled my interest in portraiture, journalism and independent studies creating an intersection incorporating all three. Photographs representing the daily functions of our lives in an artful way is my creative service goal. Visual storytelling and communication of "place" is my artistic dream. 

My degree is in Photography with a concentration in photojournalism and portraiture. I have exhibited seven solo shows of conceptual art at Duke University, my independent studio and Elon University. As well as having 35 years of experience with recording through photography, I enjoy the transformative wonder of learning through personal growth and the discovery that is experienced through the lives of the people around me.